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Forgive me Father for I have sinned
This isn’t my first poem, but it’s a first for confessing.
Forgive me I’ve been selfish
Took myself out and envisioned myself as fetish
Sin of the flesh – explored every inch of Adams rib
With no regrets I must confess

I quit questioning the steps
Stopped believing the statistics
And ignored the images
Became lustful and self indulgent

I lied for no reason.
2nd guessed the motivation for deceiving
but was delighted as the stories slipped passes my teeth
Father be lenient
I was fed morsels of regret and couldn’t stop eating it

Oh the disgrace, Talked loud and loathsome in public places
Gave into temptation and spoke hatred
Let rumors slip past my better senses
Wove tales of half-truths and the minute the moment was toothsome – I bit in.
Father forgive my indiscretions

I loved my neighbor in a biblical fashion
I couldn’t take the man out the commandments
But I sure as hell took him out for pie and passion.
All those “thou shall not’s” felt constricting
And led to a whirlwind of sinnin’
A tornado of teabaggin’ if you will…and I did.
Some might be inclined to call that false worship
But that’s the kind of seminary semantics I can get down with.
Father show patience

I’d hail Mary a million times to find love in life
Draw crosses around my heart to part these seas of narcissism and monotony
Yep – here’s another poem about me.

So I’m bent knees with eyes toward heaven
Hoping that god will be plentiful with forgiveness or at least quick to forgetting
The envy, the greed, the pride the sloth but Just
Forgive me father, I ain’t sorry for the lust.


from Heartstrings and Hamstrings, released January 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Athens Boys Choir Athens, Georgia

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